River Valley Remedies on Extracts

Cannabis Lexicon 101

River Valley Remedies (RVR) is a modern boutique apothecary specializing in high-end cannabis products and other alternative remedies. They host an array of educational workshops and events to bring accessible information on the science behind whole plant medicine.

RVR recently interviewed Brice Sherman, co-owner of Willamette Valley Alchemy (WVA), on the terminology of extracts in the effort to bring even more education on cannabis to light. This is the first edition in a series of cannabis columns.

RVR: WVA uses BHE instead of BHO. Can you explain the difference?

WVA: BHE stands for blended hydrocarbon extract, where as BHO is short for butane hash oil. BHO has become a general term for anything made with butane gas as a solvent. Although most extractors use a blend of gases that usually contains less butane than propane. Through extensive R&D, we’ve found our specific in-house blend of gases yields a product that is the most accurate representation of the starting (cannabis) material and makes our processes truly unique.

There are a lot of different products on the market that we’re seeing labeled as live resin. How are many of these products so much different than the others? How can someone trust a store to know they are selling “live resin”?

Live resin means the product was made from flowers frozen within 48 hours of being harvested. This product has much higher terpene percentage than product made using cured material. Terpenes are very volatile and dissipate as the product cures. Our process requires the product to be immediately frozen as its being harvested and remains frozen throughout the whole process. This creates terpene rich oil that tastes like the plant did when it was still growing.

What is HTE?

HTE or high terpene extract is a term we use to describe the high terpene fraction that is created in our process of crystalizing THC-a.

WVA recently added Terp Diamonds to their menu. Can you tell us what diamonds are?

“Diamonds” is a brand new product that we helped innovate for the recreational market. It’s a very detailed process of crystalizing the THC-a, similar to how sugar crystals are made, using a super-saturated solution. It is then separated from the HTE, de-gassed, and packaged on a 60:40 ratio of HTE to THC-a crystals. This product has an extremely high terpene percentage and has been selling out quicker than we can make them. WVA was the original company to release this highly sought-after product in 2017.

At what stores in Eugene can you find WVA diamonds?

River Valley Remedies, TJ’ Organic Provisions, Eugene OG, Amazon Organics, The Greenerside, Grasslands, Buds LLC, Terpene Station, Nectar and Moss Crossing.

Do you have any new products comings in 2018?

Yes! We are working diligently on a high-end cartridge line that will use our full spectrum extracts and serve a larger demographic. Also we are continuing to innovate new products and methods of ingestion. Lots more to come! Thanks for supporting our local, family-owned business in 2018 and beyond!

River Valley Remedies is hosting an educational event on Sunday, February 11 from 7pm to 8pm. Join Join us as Emma Chasen debunks the myth behind Sativa and Indica. Learn what the two cannabis terms actually mean and what to look from when searching for the right strain for you. Free to attend, registration via Eventbrite is required. Visit River Valley Remedies on Facebook for more information. 

— By Natalie Raulin